4th Of July Independence Day Celebration



In United States Of America, 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day. As July 4, 1776 is that auspicious day for United States Of America when it declared itself independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Since July 4, 1776 every year the day 4th of July has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with the celebration taking grandeur look which is well complemented with parades, fireworks, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, family reunions, barbecues and political gatherings and speeches.

Celebrate the spirit of Independence. And load the whole day with fun, feast and fireworks.

Hang a United States Flag


You may try to catch the rising sun and salute your nation under the flag, just as the day breaks. It is going to have a wonderful effect on the ambience. So hang a US flag from your house roof, park, yard , corridor or a large flag hanging from window. Also look for other places to display the flag such as on scooter or bike or car.

Decorate your house with Balloons or Small Flags

Let the colors of the Flag dominate all over your place. Leave the colorful streamers trailing proudly in the summer breeze.
Decorate your house with balloons ,some in red or blue. And some sporting the colors of the Flag. You can also paint the white balloons with stripes of red. And paint silver white stars on some blue balloons.


Read the copy of the Declaration of Independence

Read the declaration of independence , it’s only about a page or two. It’s one of the all time greatest documents and that makes great reading. Remember what we fought for and why it’s still worth fighting for.


Dress up Patriotically or Attend some 4th of July special events

Some citizens choose to wear clothes that have the U.S. flag design on them, or choose to wear the red, white and blue. You can have a lot of fun trying to look as patriotic as possible using just these colors.


*Have someone to draw the flag on your cheek with washable finger paint.
*Wear a flag pin on your clothes.
*Paint the US flag on your nails.


Get into the parade spirit by waving back at the participants or clapping as U.S. veterans pass by.

Pop Fireworks and Attend Fireworks Show at Night

In the evening enjoy the dazzling fireworks display. But take extreme caution while trying them -the sparklers or the crackers, yourself for a safer fireworks.

NYfireworks Macys 4th-of-July-fireworks-

 Check your local regulations for popping your own fireworks. Most states have laws against fireworks for personal use depending on the type or size. Some states also have laws pertaining to the time range individual citizens are allowed to pop fireworks; for example, most states require a cessation of firework popping by midnight or 1 am.

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