Importance of 4th of July Independence Day


The 4th of July independence day significance is that on this day our Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress in 1776. 4th-of-july-parade

It was in Philadelphia, and the signers of that document, composed by Thomas Jefferson, knew that this declaration of independence from the dictatorial rule of Great Britain might also be — literally — their death sentence. They knew full well that the wrath and might of the British army would be sailing across the Atlantic to descend on the relatively defenseless colonies. They knew their scattered “states” didn’t have the numbers or arms or training to stand against the British, much less defeat them militarily. Yet they put their signatures, and their lives, their families, their destiny, on that parchment. And so, against all odds, and even against reason, that Declaration told the world that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states.” The only importance of the 4th day of July, then, is that it marks the birth of the United States of America. Also it is important to teach the kids about the importance and significance of 4th of july.

Talk with kids about American ideals 4th-of-July-Children-Music-at-Parade Grandchildren love Independence Day. There are hot dogs, beach parties, baseball games, and fireworks. But for young kids, there may also be questions about the significance of July 4th — for starters, What does “Independence Day” mean? As you answer their questions, you can give them some great reasons to love their country, on the Fourth and all year-round.

Tell your grandchildren, What makes our country special?


  Tell them the one thing that makes our country special is that it guarantees us certain rights or freedoms. You have to explain them how we can use these rights everyday, you all are independent so only you will decide when you have to pray, to read something or to meet and talk with your friends or relatives.Tell kids that you can do these things because our country guarantees us the freedom to practice religion the way we want, say or write what we want, and go where we want.

Tell them, What does the government do for us?


Take your grandchildren on a tour of their town to show them the role that government plays in their lives. Talk about how many of the things they see represent the values of the people in their community. Explain that adults pay taxes to their local, state, and national government so that, among other things, the government can build and maintain facilities that reflect our values. Education is important to us, for example, so we build schools. Safety is a priority for us, so we put up traffic lights. And we want open places where we can gather, so we set aside space for parks. Children can also see the people who help the community, including police officers, firefighters, crossing guards, librarians, postal workers, and sanitation crews.

Tell them, What does it mean to be American?

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  The United States of America is different with the other countries. As most of the countries like China or Ireland, more residents share a common culture or ethnicity. But in United States- here what people share is a common idea that people should have the freedom to live the way they want, and to work and earn money the best way they can. These freedoms have inspired people from all over the world to come to this country and become “Americans.” This is a profound idea many children may never have considered and it might make them feel especially proud of their country, as well as more connected to other Americans of different backgrounds.

Also provoke them, What can we do for our country?


Tell grandchildren that our country is like a family.As members of the U.S. “family” — we all have certain responsibilities, like going to school, voting, and obeying the law. Discuss how being a good citizen also means taking care of the country, by keeping it clean, looking out for people in trouble, and staying informed about the problems that we face. Of course, actions always have more impact than words, so set an example by dedicating some of your time to volunteering in the community.

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