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In the history of comic books, there have been dozens of different patriotic american superheroes who embody patriotism, American pride and fighting for good old-fashioned U.S. justice. Both Marvel and DC Comics have created patriotic American-themed superhero characters, many of whom were pitted against enemies who embodied the anti-American evil of our World War II adversaries.
Although there have been many patriotic comic book superheroes, the five of them below among the most well-known and celebrated of the group. Some have become very famous in movies and television shows, while others haven’t yet graced the big or small screens.



A first-class superhero from the Marvel universe, Captain America has become popular again thanks to his re-emergence in the Avengers line of big-budget films.  It’s tough to find a superhero who is more of a patriotic American icon than this guy.  Even though recent movies have distanced Superman from his original patriotic American heritage, today’s version of Captain America has remained the same wholesome, honest embodiment of old-fashioned USA spirit.



This one is pretty much a no-brainer.  Superman is the ultimate embodiment of truth, justice and the American way.  Although more recent silver-screen incarnations of the Man of Steel have made him less of an patriotic American hero and more of a global champion of truth, his origins as the original patriotic superhero remain engrained in our popular culture.



Uncle Sam is another lesser-known DC Comics superhero, and leader of a group of heroes called the Freedom Fighters.  Uncle Sam’s character was presented as the spirit of an American soldier who was killed in battle and returned to fight injustice with super powers.



The only woman on this list, although certainly not the only female patriotic superhero who has appeared in American comic books and movies.  In addition to being a patriotic American heroic icon, the character of Wonder Woman is also a popular icon in the feminist movement.  She is a member of the Justice League, and her costume features the blue, red and stars of the American flag.  Wonder Woman’s first appearance in a DC comic book was in December of 1941.



Although many Americans have probably never heard of The Shield, he was actually credited as the first patriotic superhero when he was first created back in 1940 (he actually appeared more than a year before Captain America hit the comic book scene, and sported an American flag-themed super costume).  The Shield’s alter-ego was Joe Higgins, a chemist.

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