Wishes or Templates for 4th of July


Enjoy this Happy 4th of July or celebrate this independence day with these great wishes, templates or sayings.

Fireworks light up the sky,
the blessings of another year gone by.
and we just want to wish you,
Happy 4th of July


Men loves their country, not because it is great.
But because it is their own.
Happy Independence Day


Freedom has its life in the hearts,
the actions, the spirit of men and so
it must be daily earned and refreshed-
else like a flower cut from its life-giving
roots, it will be wither and die.
Happy 4th of July


Today is a time for fireworks and fun
But we shouldn’t forget its reason.
This is one of the most important days
Of the entire summer season.
Today’s the day our nation became free
And the date of the country’s birth.
For so many years we have grown to be
One of the best countries on earth!
Happy 4th of July


As we celebrate our nation’s freedom,
we honor the courageous men and women dedicated to preserving it.
Happy 4th of July


I am an American.
That’s the way most of us put it, just matter of factly.
They are plain words, these four.
You could write them on your thumbnail,
or you could sweep them clear across this bright autumn sky.
But remember too that they are more than words.
They are a way of life.
So whenever you speak them, speak them firmly;
speak them proudly; speak them gratefully.
I am an American.
Happy 4th of July


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